LCD Purchasing

What We Need?

We accept screens with broken glass but we require the underlying digitizer and the display itself to be in full working order. The
screen must have no defects, dead pixels, dark patches or flickering.

We will pay 20%+postage in advance(But we need the tracking number firstly). Before sending your screen to us please contact us on or our sales man and please read the rest of this page.

Once we have received the screens from you we will send you a full report within 2 working days after testing each display which will include the purchase offer from us to you.

We know that it isn’t possible to test all screens before sending them to us but please don’t send us screens that you already know to be unfixable(broken display, no touch, dead pixels).

Our offer to you

The price of the LCD screens varies from day to day. For an up to date price list for selling your LCD screens to us please email

The prices below are guide prices and are subject to change. We will either reject or offer much less for copy / fake LCD screens and will detail this on our test report sheet upon receiving your screens.

                                                         Model                        Price per screen
                                                       iPhone 7+                               $xx
                                                       iPhone 7                                 $xx
                                                      iPhone 6s+                             $xx
                                                      iPhone 6s                               $xx
                                                      iPhone 6+                               $xx
                                                       iPhone 6                                  $xx
                                                  iPhone 5/5s/5c                        $xx

Do you accept copy screens or screens that have been refurbished previously?

Each LCD batch is tested and a test report sheet is provided to you upon completion. We will either reject or heavily mark down the price of any screens that are copies or have been refurbished previously, at our discretion. You’re welcome to reject our offer after receiving our test report sheet.